Mit dem Fahrrad die Insel Pag entdecken.

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"Stone pit" route

The route begins in the outskirt of Stara Novalja, on the left, before the ferry. Don't forget to close the gate, please. Here begins the 10,5 kilometres long adventure. You will ride along a 500 metre severe gradient and continue with a macadamized road. By turning left you could get to a beautiful beach. If you decide to "conquer" this route you will experience many descents and 5 kilometres later the route is not wavy any more. Suddenly, you will be alone and surrounded by rocks and bushes only. At 6,8th kilometre you will reach the first stone pit. At 7,4th kilometre, on your left side there is a watering place for sheep. Here you can have some rest or continue to another stone pit a 1,4 kilometre later. Having descended to the centre of the stone pit, you are at the end of a 10,5 kilometre long route. Some 200 metres away there is a road from Žigljen to Novalja. If you turn left to Žigljen some 2 kilometres on the right side, there is the UFO site. At the end of this route, if you turn right, you will find yourself driving along a beautiful descent. Having driven the next 1350 metres and turned left, you will reach Caska. A kilometre more, a walk along the stoney path will take you to the well known beach, Zrće. It abounds in various facilities: fast food restaurants, caffe bars, beach clubs,...

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"Novaljsko polje" route

This route is for all those who love family rides and who enjoy being in nature. 1,7 kilometres away from the centre of Novalja you will be riding along some easy gradients and passing across small bridges. You don't have to stick to the marked route but you may playfully intersect the plain (polje) in various directions. More demanding ones might ride a route number 12 or take a ride to Caska.

"Wine route"

This route calls for your utmost attention and top shape due to its sheer gradients. Finish the ride in a wine celler on the left side after you had enjoyed in the view of the Novaljsko polje (Novalja plain). An excellent menu in this wine cellar will be an adequate reward for you.

"Caska - Metajna - Rucice canyon" route

 This route is a motor road as well. Do not go round it because the atmosphere while riding along this route is gorgeous. Be careful as it is the motor road too! Riding on 20/30 metres above the sea level and looking at Pag bay is a true joy. You can have a rest and drink something in Zubovići or Kustići which are in the middle of the route. You will have the opportunity to stop and take a swim throughout the route. When in Metajna try some fresh Velebit water or excellent fried picarels (girice). When you leave Metajna turn left and after 2 further kilometres you will come to Ručica canyon and Ručica cove. The paradise beach is waiting there for you! You can have a rest or drink and eat something at Slavek's (Canyon grill) at any time. The sound of big bell is a good sign: time for lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

"Novalja - Lun" route

 This route is a motor road as well as route number 13, so be careful during the summer season! Driving along this route will be the absolute pleasure for every bicycle driver. If you are tired turn left (direction from Novalja) and have a rest on Potočnica or Jakišnica beaches. A special adventure will be the last part of the route beside the old olive trees. Some of them are more than 1000 years old. Lun is a nice and picturesque hamlet where you can try some delicious local specialities.

"Vodice (Pag beach) - Sv. Jerolim (St. Jerome's) - Gajac - Skunca (Novalja)" route

 It starts at Pag beach and continues through the settled area Vodice (it is some 4 kilometers long). There you can have a short rest, have a refreshing drink, a snack or a lunch in a nearby restaurant. At the 5th kilometre (precisely, at 5,7th km) of your ride, on your left side, you will notice a sign denoting the beginning of the route to the top of the hill Sv. Vid (St. Guy). If you don't want to go with this uphill path you can carry on to the designation of the 15th meridian which is at 6th kilometre (6,3th kilometre).

You will be "interrupted" by the dazzling beauty of the nearby coves and beaches all along the way. The accesses to them are very sheer so be cerful and patient in finding a better and more accessible way to get to the desired beach and its refreshing water. In the middle of this route, there is a fresh Velebit water spring and Sveti Duh (Holy Spirit) beach. There you can sunbathe and swim nude (11.4th kilometre). At Sv. Jerolim (St. Jerome's) chapel (12,9th kilometre) you can take a rest in the shade of coniferus trees and after that continue the adventure to Novalja. 

 Driving along an easy gradient toward Kaštel, on your left side you can see the ornitological park and one kilometre further you will arrive at the crossing ehich either leads to Gajac (a tourist settlement) or to Novalja. If you continue driving along the route, after a short macadamized gradient, you will reach Novalja.

"Salty route"

 This route is an ideal shortcut towards the road that leads to Vlašići or Povljana. Riding along this road, one avoids a much frequented road from Pag to Zadar. At the end of the first kilometre, there is the old town Pag and some 200 metres further begins a macadamized road without any severe gradients. The special and exciting experience will be passing near the salt pans. If you would like to visit the Salt factory Pag, please contact Pag Tourist Board at least one day in advance. The last 300 metres before reaching the main road are very narrow and this earthen road passes through reeds. If you turn left you will proceed to Gorica which is some 600 metres away, but if you turn right using routes number 4, 5, 6 and 7 you will reach Povljana.

"Stari grad (the Old town) - Kosljun" route

 A part of the route, before turning to Košljun, is as same as the route number 2. If you take a direction to Košljun at the 4,3rd kilometre it will be a shorter but more severe macadamized gradient and some 500 metres long. When on the top one has an excellent view of the salt pans. The next part of the way is asphalted till Košljun. You can ride your bicycle along the asphalted road when returning to Pag. This part of the trip is a very picturesque one but be careful because you will be riding along a frequented road for the next 9 kilometres. The last 3 kilometres of the road are the most beautiful and exciting ones but dangerous as well. It is a very sheer descent and only more experienced bike riders should pass it.

"Kolan" route

 If you start from Kolan you will get to the route number 1. If you turn right you will reach Pag, otherwise, you will get to Novalja. The route is nice and interesting. It is short, surrounded by tall reeds, water worn ravines. It partly passes by fields. Those who like carrying their bicycles or are in favour of the extreme ways of riding, going over the pass towards Mandre might lead them to the route number 8. If you came from Pag, having passed St.Jerom's and turned left, you will get to the route Kolan. There you can have some rest and buy some home made products: cheese, ham, wine, sherry (prosecco/prošek)...

"Simuni - Girenica cove" route

 This route can also be used as a shortcut towards Mandre. 2,6 kilometres later, a narrow asphalted track is intersected with the road to Kolan and Mandre. One should be very careful while driving along this road during summer season because it is extremely narrow and surrounded by stone walls (driving aside a car could be very risky). Having passed the crossroad, you will notice two macadamized roads which lead to Girenica cove. The first one is shead and the other begins while heading to Mandre (approximately at 400th metre) before coming to Mandre you will ride along two descents of which the second is a sheerer one. Having to rest and gather strength in a nearby restaurant (opened during summer season only).

"Cape Dubrovnik" route

 The first part of the route goes along the coastline and through a small wood. There is a beach at the end of the wood. A kilometre later do not forget to close the gate of the fence, please. Here begins an easy but rocky gradient. There are no natural shades in this area and no place to have a refreshing drink. From the top of the hill, on your right side, you will see an excellent picture of the Košljun bay. No metter how hard this route may seem you will end it in no time because it is a very short one. Have a spare inner tube or a mending kit because sharp rocks or thorns could damage your tyre. The last part of the route passes near sheep folds  and shepherd's huts. The exit is on the road to Povljana (a kilometre away from the village) and some 400 metres later, there is a route number 4.

"Prutna" route

 There are no objects and no fresh water springs all along the route so take enough refreshing drinks. A kilometre from Povljana turn right and Prutna route begins. If you turn left you will come to route number 5. At 1,5th kilometre there is a big gate which has to be closed after passing through it. Here begins an easy macadamized gradient. You will be constantly surrounded by the rocky landscape on the top of a small peninsula, Prutna. A lot of huge transmission line pylons which transmit electric current from Zadar to Pag are also included in this interesting scenary. At the end of the route you will see one of the most characteristic symbols of the island, Pag bridge.

"Smokvica" route

 A narrow, asphalted road (1,2 km long) from Vlašići to Smokvica passes through grasslands and small isolated sandy beaches. It takes you to the beginning of a more demanding route. It is not demanding because of its length but because the terrain is inaccessible and rocks are very sharp. Both you and your bicycle will need staying power to end this route. After having passed some 4,5 kilometres of the route, do not get down from the bicycle and do not stroll around because you could meet the only poisonous inhabitant in this area, the horned viper snake. All your hard work will prove when you reach a beautiful and green end of the route. At 5,5th kilometre there is a wooden gate you need to close after passing through it. The route ends at the beginning of the route number 6. At this point you are only 1 kilometre away from Povljana.